Welcome to Desert International "Maktub Wear" By Moroccan Stitches. We are very much excited you've stopped by to check out our collection. Founded in 1994 formally known as the House of ZahZah and Thread Art, we've listened to our clients (which is you) wanting garments that are limited edition. Who wants to look like everyone else when you are designed and created one of a kind? I know for sure I don't so why should you? Everything in our store are custom made designed just for you. Not the person down the street or next door. You may see our best selling items, those go on sale every now and again, so you must keep an eye out and visit us often and or join our mailing list for sales. A little about our best sellers, what you see in our store is not pulled off of the shelf and shipped. That has never been our business plan nor were we founded on those principals. Come closer, okay, make sure you check out "Maktub Wear Madness" if there are items there, that means how many items are there that's it, there will be no more EVER! How wonderful is that? So, get comfortable browse through our store and enjoy. If you shall have any questions I mean any, even if it's about the weather LOL contact us and we will be sure to assist you! 
"We got you covered"